Chloé Lukich

Artistic Director

About Chloé Lukich

Chloé Lukich BIO

Ever since I was a child, I have loved to decorate and organize. My drive for making things more beautiful stemmed from my mother, who was a renowned, multi-award-winning artist. Seeing her create such beauty on a blank canvas, enhanced my ability to seek balance, flow, light, and the possibility of anything. And because of this, every so often, my parents would enter my room to find my furniture completely shifted around, newly painted walls and cabinets, updated décor, and various pieces moved from around the house. I guess I’ve always had a keen talent to reinvent space.

My childhood in the 90s was spent in a cultured city in Oklahoma, with endless pastel florals and plush Southern homes. My latter schooling years were in a small, rustic mountain town in Colorado, surrounded by horses and Native American artifacts. But also, within those years, my family and I traveled the world. My father and brother’s piano performances had taken us on a grand tour of many countries, mostly living on cruise ships. I have been to 19 countries so far, and have lived in New Zealand, Greece, Japan, and Hawaii. My experience in seeing these different countries: the land, nature, architecture, cultural designs and palettes are all so unique. And because I have seen so much, I appreciate all styles of life and life lived.

When I’m not cooking, cleaning, decorating and organizing, my husband and I like to lift weights at the gym and take our wolf-dog on hikes. We travel to Los Angeles and New York City several times a year to visit family and friends. My serenity is in my studio; being as creative as I can be: designing, writing, making beaded adornments and singing with my guitar.